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German Championships 2018

Ergebniss_Deutsche Meisterschaft 2018.pd
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World Championships 2016

World CHampionships 2016 Powerlifting Women
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European Championships 2016

Results Powerlifting
WPU-European Championships 2016_Powerlif
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Results Bench Press
WPU-European Championships 2016_BenchPre
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Results Deadlift
WPU-European Championships 2016_Deadlift
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German Championship 2016

Ergebnisse Deutsche Meisterschaft 2016
DM 16.04.2016, Schwetzingen
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German Championship 2015

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European Championship 2014

WORLD 26.06.14.xls
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WORLD 27.06.14.xls
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WORLD 28.06.14.xls
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WORLD 29.06.14.xls
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German Championship 2014

2014 05 04 Ergebnisliste DM 2014.pdf
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British Championship 2014

Mansfield 26.04.14.xls
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Mansfield 27.04.14.xls
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Open Dutch Championship 2014

Open Dutch Championships.xls
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World Championship 2013

Results WK 2013 Emmeloord.pdf
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