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Here you will learn all about powerlifting, bench press and deadlift in the GPU, which is internationally affiliated to the World Powerlifting Union (WPU). 

Who fight may lose.

  Those who do not fight have already lost!



[13.10.2017]  European Championship  in Schwetzingen


The GPU-Europeans will probably take place on June 30 and Jul 01 2018 in the "Nordstadthalle" in Schwetzingen, Germany.



[02.10.2017] Invitation for the German Championship 2018


Invitation available in German, English to follow soon

[24.09.2017] World and European Records updated


Competition Dates updated.

[13.08.2017] World and European Records updated


World and European records are updated. German records to follow soon.


[08.07.2017] Information regarding World Championships 2017


Information for German athletes available on the German part of the homepage.

[03.07.2017] Results of the Europeans 2017


Results of the Europeans 2017 are now online.


[03.07.2017] Record Certificates / Rekordzertifikate


Hi everybody,
those of you who competed in the WPU Europeans and could/would not to wait for their record certificates and would like to receive them as pdf by email, please sent an email with the subject "record certificate europeans" and your name and category (Powerlifting, Single Bench, Single Deadlift) to records@germanpowerliftingunion.de within one month after the record lists are posted.
Please note that only those records that have been anounced at the speaker table are taken into account.
Hallo zusammen,
diejenigen Teilnehmer der WPU-EM, die nicht auf ihre Rekordzertifikate warten konnten/wollten, und und diese als pdf per mail erhalten wollen, schreiben bitte eine Email mit dem Betreff "record certificate europeans" und Name und Kategorie (Powerlifting, Einzel-Bankdrücken, Einzel-Kreuzheben) innerhalb eines Monats nach Veröffentlichung der Rekordlisten an records@germanpowerliftingunion.de
Bitte beachtet, dass nur Rekordversuche gewertet werden, die am Sprechertisch angesagt wurden.
Petra Hoffmann
WPU record keeper


[27.05.2017] Attention: Records European Championship 2017



Attention! To all participating in the WPU European Championships:
The WPU European and World records have been updated and now include the Powerlifting Classic raw records.

EVERYONE please inform yourselves about the Records in your class. Even when you are not participating for that long. In several classes there are still the achievable standard values.
Important: You have to announce the record attempt at the speaker table when announcing the attempt, otherwise it can't be recognized!


Amongst other the record lists can be found here:
English page

German page:



[27.05.2017] EM 2017



Dear participants of the European Championships,
The preliminary time table and flights are as follows:

Competition times:
Saturday July 01, 2017,
10:00 am: Opening Ceremony, Powerlifting,
Sunday July 02, 2017:
10:00 am Bench Press,
30 min Break,
Weigh in times:
Friday, June 30. 2017
6:00 pm until 8:00 pm for (for Saturdays lifters),
Saturday, July 01, 2017,
8.00 am until 9.30 am,
6:00 pm until 7:30 pm,
Sunday, July 02, 2017,
8.00 am until 9.30,
Awards ceremonies:
On each day after Lifting

Kopie von List of Participants.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 64.1 KB

[16.04.2017] WPU European Championships in Kerkdriel, Holland



The following texts apply to GPU members. Please check with your affiliate for the conditions applicable for your country!


Participation at the German Championship serves as qualification.


Closing date for applications and money transfer is May 13, 2017.


Please transfer the entry fee to:
German Powerlifting Union

IBAN DE68 6705 0505 0039 3205 41,

and send the entry form to

German Powerlifting Union e.V.,
z.Hd. Peter Malfa
Brahmsstraße 23
68782 Brühl, Deutschland



Please direct your questions to


Entry form European Championships.xlsx
Microsoft Excel Tabelle 276.2 KB

[02.04.2017] German Records Updated, Results of the German CHampionship in the German section



[21.01.2017] General Meeting 2017

 The general meeting 2017 will take place on March 24.  in Euskirchen .


Adobe Acrobat Dokument 77.2 KB

[21.01.2017] German Records updated


The German records habe been updated.


[17.01.2017] English Invitation and Entry form for the German Championships 2017 online


English documents are online.


Invitation_German Championships 2017.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 80.6 KB
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 98.4 KB

[03.01.2017] German Championships 2017



The invitation and entry form for the German Championships 2017 is available here in German language. An English version will be available by the end of the week.

[01.01.2016] New Rulebook online


The new rulebook is online.

Main changes: Category "classic raw" (no bandages) and Masters coefficients introduced.


[13.11.2016] Competition Dates 2017 updated


The competition dates for 2017 have been updated.

In 2017 we offer the category "clasic raw" (no bandages) in addition to the other categories. The updated rules will follow soon.


[13.11.2016] WPU-World Records updated


The current WPU-World Records can be found here.

Bench Press World Records updated


Updated Bench Press World Records can be found here. The other records will be updated within the next week.

Results of the WPU World Championships online


Results of the WPU World Championships online under results. Updated World Record lists to follow soon.

VODI at the WPU Worlds in Coventry


VODI at the WPU Worlds in Coventry

We are happy to announce that VODI will be represented at the WPU Worlds in Coventry. Powerlifting Gear as knee and wrist wraps, belts and clothes can be purchased directly at the World Championships. All prices on our websites will be discounted with minimum 10% or more in Coventry.

Not all articles in all sizes and colors can be brought in. So please place a Pre-Order in case you are interested in a particular product and/ or size/color till Saturday, 01st October to ensure that the product will be available in Coventry. Please have a look on the websites: www.vodisport.de and www.vodisport.ie

Please send your Pre-Orders via E-Mail till 01st October to: info@vodisport.de

Looking forward to see you in Coventry!


[19.09.2016] Lists of European Records updated


Lists of WPU-European Records updated.

[18.09.2016] Lists of World Records updated


Lists of WPU-World Records updated. European records to follow soon.

[25.06.2016] Zertifikate für WPU-Rekorde
Certificates for WPU-records


Auf der Seite Wettkämpfe befindet sich jetzt eine Liste der Teilnehmer,die während der EM neue WPU-Welt- oder Europarekorde aufgestellt haben und informationen zu den Zertifikaten, soweit diese noch nicht verteilt wurden.



On the page Competitions is now a list of the participant who set new WPU-World and European Records and information concerning the certificates that have not yet been handed out.